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Thoughtlessness and the cost of overshoes

Moving house (and all that goes with it) is proving to be a great way to plug back in to the market behaviours of a whole range of brands and suppliers. Recently, we bought a (decidedly heavy) sideboard-cum-stationery-cupboard for our first floor office. We bought online. And we liked the copy that promised a “two man delivery team, who will deliver your item to a room of your choice”. Great. Click....


Thought Leadership, Trump and Dove

So, well done #Dove. Their most recent campaign (mocking Team #Trump and the notion of “alternative facts”) builds on their reputation for courage and societal challenge. In the campaign, a print ad makes a number of palpably false challenges about Dove products, supported by the hashtag #AlternativeFacts. My personal favourite is “New Dove antiperspirant was first used by Cleopatra.” If only this was just a joke. In this campaign, Dove...