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We are all too busy

According to a recent article in The Observer 75% of teachers are suffering from serious stress at work. Sadly, I wasn’t too surprised to read this. What was more surprising was that 62% of the entire working population of the UK reports serious, work-related stress. That can’t be good. There are plenty of clever articles online about why we all seem to be getting busier and busier. This one, in...


Looking back on predictions

It’s easy to do year-end predictions, right? After all, nobody bothers to check them. Wrong. As a piece of fun, I thought I’d have a look at a couple of serious newspapers, and see what they predicted for 2017. How much did they get right?  And how much did they get wrong? Our two victims are The Guardian (very worthy) and The Financial Times (very serious indeed). To be fair, the FT article was...


Thoughts on email and holidays

I have been trying to find out how many people have a holiday in which they remain out of contact with their office. In which, in short, they resist checking their email. Back in 2015 The Daily Mail reported that one in three of us check our work email every day when we are on holiday. As that article highlights, this may be entirely voluntary.  As in: some of us get so...


Thoughtlessness and the cost of overshoes

Moving house (and all that goes with it) is proving to be a great way to plug back in to the market behaviours of a whole range of brands and suppliers. Recently, we bought a (decidedly heavy) sideboard-cum-stationery-cupboard for our first floor office. We bought online. And we liked the copy that promised a “two man delivery team, who will deliver your item to a room of your choice”. Great. Click....


Thought Leadership, Trump and Dove

So, well done #Dove. Their most recent campaign (mocking Team #Trump and the notion of “alternative facts”) builds on their reputation for courage and societal challenge. In the campaign, a print ad makes a number of palpably false challenges about Dove products, supported by the hashtag #AlternativeFacts. My personal favourite is “New Dove antiperspirant was first used by Cleopatra.” If only this was just a joke. In this campaign, Dove...


Tone, culture and thought leadership

As I write this, I’m in the middle of a fascinating project, working with a fast-growing marketing services business, based in Central London. They have some genuinely stimulating and interesting views about their marketplace – and their clients’ challenges. Their service offer is also unique. So they are ideally placed to leverage thought leadership as a promotional and brand-building tool. But what sets this business apart is not only their service...